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Knowledge is the key…
and lack thereof
may be costing money.

Finance Review

We can conduct a full and comprehensive review of your current financial arrangements, and make recommendations based on the findings.

This is an important requirement for all individuals and business’s to undertake on a periodical basis. The banks are constantly changing their pricing and policy, and clients need to keep up with the latest market conditions.

Banks acknowledge that new clients are harder to obtain than retaining existing, hence most are willing to negotiate on pricing or terms and conditions to retain the client. However, “if you don’t ask you don’t get”.

It is not only pricing which is important, but also the structure and terms and conditions. Over time, some clients tend to just keep adding on loans and security, rather than reviewing and maximising existing security or structuring according to purpose or type.

Covenant Monitoring and Reporting

With many business and commercial loans, the financiers put in place a number of covenants which the client must comply by. Failure to meet these covenants, may trigger a risk default which may ultimately lead to the financier requiring the loan to be repaid.

These covenants are required periodically ie monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. We can assist you to provide the bank with the required reports and financial information.